3 Tips to Improve Your Resume in Our Business Center

Take advantage of the great business center here at your Manvel luxury apartment community.  Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Even if your job provides an adequate paycheck and benefits, you may be considering switching jobs or starting a new career. If you're thinking of changing your employment situation, the first thing you need to do is produce a great resume. Consider a few pointers from an experienced hiring manager to make your resume stand out. Killer cover letter - … [Read more...]

Watch Sports in 3D at Fox Den Bar & Grill

The Fox Den Bar & Grill is a great place to watch the latest game with your friends and family around your Manvel luxury apartment community. Source: Facebook

Why watch sports on a regular television when you can watch in 3D? Visit this local sports bar near Manvel, grab a beer, and cheer for your team. Fox Den Bar & Grill is the first sports bar in the area to offer 3D viewing for your sports viewing pleasure. Find a seat and enjoy the screens, found all around the bar. Fox Den isn't just for sports fans. … [Read more...]

3 Tricks to Eliminate Allergy Symptoms

Here are some handy tips to help you beat the springtime allergies this season.  Source: MorgueFile

Allergies can pop up at any time. Nothing is worse than feeling as if you are missing out on fun activities due to allergies. Try these tips to help your allergies naturally. Eat Indian cuisine or cook with turmeric. Turmeric, commonly used in Indian foods can help with allergy symptoms. It helps to reduce symptoms by acting as a decongestant and can … [Read more...]

Show Your Mom How Important She is on Mother’s Day

Here are some tips to help you treat Mom like a queen this Mother's Day! Source: MorgueFile

Mother's Day is your chance to do something extra special for your mom. Show your mom how much you care with one of these great Mother's Day ideas. One of the best ways to truly make your mom feel special is to spend some quality time together. Whether you take her out for brunch or just invite her over for a cup of coffee, the important thing is that … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Your Pup Doesn’t Come When Called

Here are some great pet-training tips for anyone here with a puppy or adult dog here at your Manvel luxury apartment. Source: MorgueFile

Now that you’ve brought a new puppy home to your pet friendly Manvel apartment, make sure he’s properly trained. Check out these tips on what not to do to help you get started. Teach your dog to come. Often, pet owners actually train their puppy not to come – then, later, they want their dog to drop all the interesting things he’s doing to … [Read more...]