How to Save Energy in Your Manvel Apartment this Winter

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The winter season brings on cold weather, which in turn brings on higher utility bills. Making several changes can help lower those bills and save energy. The following energy saving tips for winter can help you get through the winter season in your Manvel apartment without breaking the bank: Cover the Drafty Windows: You can cover the windows by using … [Read more...]

Helpful Tips for Biking in Lower Temperatures

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Whether you bike for enjoyment, to get to around town, or both, the onset of colder weather is something to be concerned about. Yet biking in cold weather can be easy with these tips: Start Cold: It’s better to be a bit chilly to start off and warm up naturally than go directly from warm to overheated. Layer Your Clothing: The key is layering your … [Read more...]

Stay Safe Running in Cooler Weather this Winter

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Avid runners living in our community won't want to let the colder winter weather hinder their running regimes. Get your exercise in throughout the winter season by taking the following tips for running in cold weather into account: Dress in layers- Manvel winters are fairly mild. This means that you should try to dress in layers so that you stay … [Read more...]

3 Fun Holiday Party Games to Play this Year

Keep guests laughing with a game of Beanboozled.
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There isn't much better than hosting a holiday gathering in your apartment home. Try out these great holiday party games to keep guests laughing: Beanboozled – In a mix of twelve jelly beans are six beans that have flavors like moldy cheese, baby wipes and skunk spray. The other six taste normal. The fun of this game is watching the faces that other … [Read more...]

Find Your Balance at Sundance Yoga Studio


Finding the perfect balance between work and relaxation can be difficult. If you struggle with this, you may want to consider taking yoga in Pearland. Yoga is a great way to help you relax and bring both mind and body to peace. Find your balance at Sundance Yoga Studio. You will love the flexibility of the classes offered here. Classes run seven … [Read more...]